A Force for Healing & Advocacy

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We Are 200+ BIPOC-led Nonprofits Uniting Statewide

As Black, Indigenous, and People of Color nonprofit executive directors across Washington state, we are joining in solidarity to promote wellness and restore resources in our communities. Through healing and advocacy, our multicultural, cross-sector collaborative works to nourish our collective well-being and generate shared abundance. Together, with you, we will recreate the fabric of society.

Flexing Our Advocacy Voice

We are building a unified agenda for the upcoming Washington state legislative session in 2022. Interested in helping shape our BIPOC ED Coalition agenda?

How We Make Change

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An Affirming Space for BIPOC Leaders

As Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, we are holding the communal weight of systems of oppression on our people and our ancestors. In coming together, we validate each other in authentic ways — fortifying ourselves and our organizations.

Join us in healing

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Calling In Philanthropy and Other Allies

It‘s no secret philanthropy has been based on a decidedly unfair power dynamic. At the BIPOC ED Coalition, we are calling in philanthropic partners and other allies to reimagine your roles and commit to working with BIPOC-led organizations in more powerful ways.

Be part of equitable change

“We are closest to the problems and are therefore closest to the solutions..”

Joseph Seia, Pacific Islander Community Association of Washington

Latest News

  • Satterberg’s Demonstrated Commitment to Trust-based Philanthropy
    Satterberg’s Demonstrated Commitment to Trust-based Philanthropy The Satterberg Foundation is one of 11 funders who answered our call to shift funding practices by signing the Equitable Funder Pledge.  During October 2021, the foundation demonstrated its commitment to trust-based philanthropy by announcing its highly anticipated results from a report evaluated by Headwater People, a Native-owned consulting firm with expertise in organizational design and a focus in the transformational practice of adaptive leadership. As stated by Satterberg, the report found that it has made incredible strides, but also has plenty of room to improve. Below is a summary of the foundation’s findings:…

Upcoming Events

  • Legislative Advocacy TrainingDecember 8 @ 12:53 am

    Interested in learning more about how to advocate for the issues that matter most? Attend our virtual legislative advocacy training led by public relations and political consulting firm,…