2022 Legislative Priorities

Through a process of ongoing dialogue, we’ve identified our priorities for the 2022 Washington Legislative Session. It is important to us that the policies and processes developed to address these priorities be grounded in principles of racial equity, intersectionality, and liberation.

Guiding Principles

  1. Investment in BIPOC Communities
    An equitable pandemic recovery means deeper investments in BIPOC communities, unrestricted, multiyear funding for BIPOC organizations, and increased contract spending with BIPOC-owned companies.
  2. Affordable Housing and Homelessness
    We support a statewide response to homelessness and access to fair and affordable housing for all, such as changes in zoning to increase housing stock and mixed income neighborhoods. 
  3. Economic Mobility
    We support policies that uplift BIPOC communities disproportionately impacted by income and economic inequality, such as: making home ownership and housing accessible, shifting the tax burden to the wealthy, and assuring pay equity and representation in the highest paid positions.
  4. Equity
    We prioritize policies that serve our BIPOC communities most impacted by racial, economic, and social injustice

2023 Legislative Committees

The next legislative session will begin on January 9, 2023. In preparation for session, please see the legislative committees below: