2023 Legislative Priorities

We can join together to Invest in BIPOC Futures.

The world as it has existed has not served Black and Brown people. Today, we can come together and use our liberatory power to change the future. Our legislative agenda is one way we do it.

We’re taking a holistic approach to the 2023 Legislative Session, focusing on the underlying issues most central to the symptoms plaguing our communities.

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Our Agenda: Invest in BIPOC Futures

Close the Wealth Gap

Affordable Housing and Home Ownership

  • HB 1474 | SB 5496 | Create the Covenants Homeownership Account 
  • HB 1074 | Address documentation and processes governing landlords’ claims for damage to residential premises
  • HB 1110 | SB 5190 | Increase middle housing in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing
  • HB 1124 | Require landlords to provide 6 months’ notice of significant rent increases
  • HB 1388 |Prohibit predatory residential rent practices
  • HB 1389 |Stabilize rent increases to prevent displacement and rent gouging

Guaranteed Basic Income

  • HB 1045 | Create the evergreen basic income pilot program

BIPOC Economic Development

Undo Policies of Oppression

Invest in BIPOC Arts and Culture

  • HB 1575 | SB 5612 | Increase accessibility to the Cultural Access Program

Demand Public Safety For All

Recognize Disability Rights

  • HB 1260 | SB 5480 | Eliminate the requirement of recipients of the Aged, Blind, & Disabled cash assistance to reimburse the state
  • HB 1541 | Nothing About Us Without Us
  • HB 1313 | SB 5492 | Make Medicare health care affordable for older adults & people with disabilities

Support Healthy Families

  • SB 5225 | Increase culturally appropriate childcare affordability and accessibility
  • HB 1075 | SB 5249 | Expand the working families’ tax credit (WFTC) to all low-income, working seniors & young adults
  • HB 1477 | Ensure equitable access to the WFTC with administrative & technical fixes
  • SB 5285 | HB 1218 | Add a new caseload to serve those eligible for WFTC
  • HB 1238 | SB 5339 | Healthy School Meals for All 
  • HB 1263 | SB 5241 | Keep Our Care Act
  • HB 1228 | Expanding and permanently funding dual language learning programs so our languages are celebrated in schools
  • HB 1447 | Strengthening the ability of assistance programs to meet foundational needs of children, adults, and families 
  • HB 1652 | TANF Child Support Pass-Through

Pass the Voting Rights Act

  • HB 1048 | SB 5047 | Strengthen the Washington Voting Rights Act
  • HB 1174 | Improve access and removing barriers to jail-based voting

Honor the Treaties and Inherent Rights of Indigenous Peoples

  • HB 1089 | SB 5114 | Invest in healing services for survivors of sex trafficking
  • HB 1177 | SB 5137 |Create a missing & murdered indigenous women & people cold case investigations unit
  • HB 1639 |Billy Frank Jr. National Statuary Hall Collection Fund to fund the creation and installation of the replacement statue.

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