2023 Washington State Legislative Toolkit

We know that advocacy is done best in community!

For those of us who aren’t Olympia insiders, it’s really hard to identify key bills to focus on, track a bill’s progress, know who to talk to when, and figure out the most effective thing to say.

We’ve laid out the key bills we’re advocating for in our Legislative Agenda here.

How the WA Legislature works:
Check out this video to learn more about the legislative process.

How a bill becomes a law

Watch this video to find out how a law is made.

As these bills move through the legislature, there are three big ways to make your voice heard:

  1. Email or call your lawmaker and tell them what matters to you.
  2. Sign in Pro or Con on bills that are being heard.
  3. Sign up to Testify for bills being heard.

You can also engage your community to take the above actions through posting to social media and emailing your contacts.

We can join together to Invest in BIPOC Futures! Take Action with us now!

Share our priorities on social!

Use the sample content below to share the BIPOC ED Coalition’s 2023 Legislative Agenda! 

Sample social post:

The world as it has existed has not served Black and Brown people. Our Coalition creates the container to change that world, and our legislative advocacy is one powerful way we do it. Learn about our priorities to Invest in BIPOC Futures in the 2023 Legislative Session, and join us in support! bit.ly/3E7D1Np

Spread the word on how to get engaged on social!

Use the sample content below to share resources on how to get engaged in the legislative process! All of our voices matter.

Sample social post:

We know advocacy is done best in community. For those of us who aren’t Olympia insiders, it can be hard to know how to engage. The truth is, our voices matter. Check out our resources to learn how to use yours, and ask our lawmakers to Invest in BIPOC Futures! bit.ly/3xpMjjW

Bill Tracker

Use this tracker to keep track of all the bills that are relevant to our Legislative Priorities!