About the Coalition

Coming Together in Solidarity

The BIPOC ED Coalition is a multicultural, cross-sector collaborative of 200+ Black, Indigenous, and People of Color nonprofit leaders working in solidarity to promote wellness and restore resources in our communities.

What We Offer for BIPOC EDs

As BIPOC nonprofit leaders, we unite statewide through healing and advocacy to generate abundance in our communities. Join in healing together, using our collective voice, and mobilizing for enduring change.

As a member of the BIPOC ED Coalition, you have access to resources and opportunities:

  • Monthly coalition gatherings focused on wellness and advocacy.
  • Monthly newsletters with coalition updates, upcoming events, resources, and more.
  • Wellness programs exclusive to BIPOC executive directors in Washington state.

“It was supportive to feel important enough to have these sessions created for us.  We lift so many up, it felt great to be lifted!”

BIPOC ED Coalition Member

Our Values


When we create spaces to center the voices and experiences of BIPOC executive directors statewide, we can be ourselves authentically and we’re stronger together.


Our relationships with one another are core to who we are and how we work — we lift up each other’s strengths and build on one another’s wisdom.


We are thoughtful about the interconnected nature of our lives and practice holding multiple truths and ideas with care, balance, and curiosity.


We recognize the importance of individual and collective wellness so, in turn, we practice caring for ourselves and others — ensuring people are seen and replenished.

Liberatory Power

We operate from the truth that power is inherently relational and we seek effective ways of interacting with each other to disrupt dominant power dynamics.

Meet the Co-founders

Close up of Andrea smiling in a sequined blue top standing in front of an old brick building

Andrea Caupain Sanderson

Byrd Barr Place CEO

Close up of Ananda smiling while seated in front of a window with lots of natural light

Ananda Valenzuela

RVC Co-Executive Director

Close up of Jodi smiling in a light blue collared shirt

Jodi Nishioka

Communities Rise Executive Director

Close up of Victoria in a red top and glasses with a big smile standing amidst some beautiful evergreen trees

Victoria Santos

Center for Healing and Liberation Director