How to make our voices heard in the legislature

We know that advocacy is best done in community!

For those of us who aren’t Olympia insiders, it’s really hard to identify key bills to focus on, track a bill’s progress, know who to talk to when, and figure out the most effective thing to say. 

We’ve laid out the key bills we are advocating for in our Legislative Agenda here. If you want learn what else is on the table this year, you can search for bills here.

As these bills move through the legislature, there are THREE big ways to make your voice heard: 

  1. Email or call your lawmaker and tell them what matters to you. 
  2. Sign in Pro or Con on bills that are being heard. 
  3. Sign up to Testify for bills being heard. 

How to: Email / Call your Lawmaker

To find out who your lawmakers are, simply enter your home address here.

You’ll see what State Legislative District you live in, who your State Senator is, and who your two State Representatives are. 

Email or call to let your lawmakers know about bills YOU care about. 

How to: Sign in Pro / Con and Testify for a Bill


Visit the Washington State Legislature’s Participating in Committee Hearings page to find out when a bill you care about is being heard:


Click on the Green Button labeled “Register to Testify Remotely During a Hearing.”


Click on either the House button for the “House of Representatives”, the “Senate” or “Joint” 

Select “House” “Senate” or “Joint” depending on which committee the bill’s hearing is scheduled for. 


Select which committee the bill’s hearing is scheduled for, and then click on the menu that says “Meetings” and choose what time the bill is scheduled for. 


Select the bill you want to support or oppose from the drop down menu.



  • I would like to submit written testimony—and fill in that form for your written testimony to be received.
  • I would like to testify live during the hearing—to sign up.
  • I would like my position noted for the legislative record—to note your pro or oppose position.

Do you have questions about how this all works?

Check out our Legislative Resources page to learn more about the legislative process.

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