Let’s Create Change, Together

Imagine a Washington state where all of us can live our best lives. Collectively, we can deconstruct our systems, recognizing they don’t serve us. To do this, BIPOC nonprofits must be resourced to lead the redesign, while continuing to fill critical gaps in our social infrastructure. You can be part of realizing this vision.

“The notion that there are limited resources is an illusion that we have all internalized. And this is dangerous, because it forces us to work within an inequitable system instead of challenging that system.”

Vu Le, Nonprofit AF

What Does Equitable Funding Look Like?

Foundations, grantmakers, and funders can partner equitably with BIPOC communities. Here’s how:

  1. Increase annual payout to 10% or more (not including operating expenses).
  2. Designate funding specifically for BIPOC-led organizations, which have historically been overlooked and under-resourced.
  3. Provide significant, multiyear general operating funds to support organizational stability.
  4. Invest in BIPOC-led systems change work.

Get Involved

When BIPOC leaders drive how issues are defined, decisions are made, and solutions are created, meaningful change becomes possible

Building BIPOC Solidarity

As a coalition, we are building a unified agenda that harnesses the power and genius of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities.

Our BIPOC ED Coalition letter challenges funders to commit to trust-based and equitable practices. Unite with more than 200 BIPOC nonprofit leaders to call in philanthropy. When you sign the letter, you also become a coalition member.

Calling in Philanthropy

We are calling in philanthropic partners and other allies to reimagine your roles and commit to working with BIPOC-led organizations in more powerful ways.  

With your partnership, we can redesign ways of sharing resources and caring for one another based on our common humanity.

“To heal what hurts, to come back together as one human race, and to restore balance to the land, we need to decolonize wealth and use money as our medicine.”

Edgar Villanueva, Decolonizing Wealth Project

Understanding Philanthropy’s History Opens Reimagined Futures

Philanthropic wealth has been created and sustained through the extraction and exploitation of people, land, and resources. It is concentrated from generation to generation, reinforced by policies and systems designed by and for white people.


white board members


white foundation presidents


white full-time staff

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