Equitable Funder Pledge Progress Check

Thank you for committing to partnering with BIPOC nonprofit leaders in more powerful ways.

By signing the pledge, you and your organization are actively working to reexamine, reform, and rebuild your organizational practices to rebalance power and increase the flow of resources to BIPOC communities.

We appreciate you taking time to annually assess and share your progress

In holding yourself accountable to the four agreements of the pledge and sharing what’s working and what’s not, we can collectively move the sector toward equitable funding and racial justice.

For questions, reach out to Jodi Nishioka at jnishioka@bipocedcoalitionwa.org.

Equity Progress Check


Please rate yourself on each pledge item:

1. Increase our annual payout rate to 10 percent or more.
2. Designate all the additional funds from the increased payout rate to organizations led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.
3. Award the majority of our funds as five-year or more unrestricted grants to ensure organizational stability.
4. Financially support BIPOC-led, systems-change work, such as changing unfair tax codes, ending voter suppression, and other efforts to strengthen democracy and advance racial equity.

Please reflect on and respond to these narrative questions:

Thank you for completing this progress check. Note: We only collect the data that you provide about yourself. To encourage movement in the sector, we'd like to use this information to share progress updates and anecdotes. If you do not want us to identify your organization, please check this box.