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Exploring Equity at the Executive Director Level at Washington State Nonprofit Conference

May 19, 2022 @ 1:00 pm  –  2:15 pm

BIPOC-led nonprofits are disproportionately under-supported and uniquely equipped to make change in the most vulnerable communities. BIPOC leaders are exhausted from responding to pressing needs and the impact of systemic racism with limited resources. They urgently need space and time to

Nonprofits depend on their leaders to do a very difficult job; but the expectations on Executive Directors can be considerable, and the potential for mistreatment of EDs is a concern. This is a conversation led by a panel of Nonprofit and Labor thought leaders to help identify some of the complexities being an Executive Director and an employee of small organizations, community-led organizations and organizations led by BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized communities.


About Washington State Nonprofit Conference:

The Washington State Nonprofit Conference is the largest gathering of nonprofits of all types in Washington that brings together nonprofit leaders to learn, connect, and inspire. It offers a marketplace of ideas and resources that allow for efficient one-stop shopping to help you imagine solutions to your organization’s biggest challenges. You’ll return to your nonprofit with resources to share with colleagues and actionable items to apply to your work. And best of all, the conference offers unique opportunities to connect with nonprofit peers across the state. Through the virtual conference platform, you can be part of an active conference community.