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The Black Well-being: Moving Towards Solutions Together at the Black Future Co-op Fund

June 5, 2022 @ 2:30 pm  –  5:00 pm

This hybrid Black Well-being: Moving Toward Solutions Together community event will feature local changemakers, brilliant artists, and special guests: New York Times best-selling author Resmaa Menakem and Free Press’ Media 2070 campaign manager Venneikia Williams.

Following the research and surveys conducted over the last year, this event will share the community-identified solutions that are taking shape in a 2022 report on statewide Black well-being. And, we are looking for participation and input from people like you, who are living out the very approaches identified in the report.

At the gathering, we will:

  • Showcase the ideas and concepts presented in the report for directing resources and shaping policy.
  • Engage people around the ideas and get feedback on how we drive collective action.
  • Connect people to existing efforts and each other, making us stronger, more effective in manifesting Black well-being.

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About the Black Future Co-op Fund:

Black people have always known what is needed in our communities. Across the 39 counties in Washington state, Black people — U.S. born, immigrants, and refugees —represent diverse backgrounds and experiences. By and for Black Washingtonians, the Black Future Co-op Fund is rooted in the beauty, soulfulness, and strength of Black culture.

As a Black collective, we aim to define for ourselves, speak for ourselves, and create for ourselves a new model of philanthropy that uplifts Black people and Black communities throughout the state.