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Thriving Encounter: Within, With Us, With the World

June 15, 2022 @ 3:00 pm  –  5:00 pm

Encounter can be defined as authentic engagement when all barriers to the I-Thou are removed.

Que recuerde que cuanto mas me expando,

la vida me habla mas sutilmente.

Que pueda yo inclinarme para escucharla mejor.

May I remember that the more I expand,

the more subtly life will speak to me.

May I lean in to better hear her.

              Florencia Aduriz

What practices of reflection, renewal, regeneration, and re-orientation to action support a collective of deep liberatory intentionality?

In these sessions we will focus on embodied approaches of relating to self, to each other, within the coalition, and to collectives beyond this group.  While holding an intersectional anti-oppression and liberation perspective, we will engage in various expressive modalities including visual, sound, gesture, and role-work (such as empty chair and rainbow of desire).  Using Appreciative Inquiry, we will work from moments of clarity, expressiveness, creativity, and belonging.  

The goal in these sessions will be to identify tools and actions that support sustained relaxation into being-in-relating.

If you need ASL Services for this session, please register by 6/1/2022.

About Leitica Nieto

Leticia is a coach, psychotherapist, and educator specializing in liberation and equity, motivational patterning, and evolutionary creativity. Her 2010 book, Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment: A Developmental Strategy to Liberate Everyone, is an accessible analysis of the dynamics of oppression and supremacy that offers readers ways to develop skills to promote social justice. She brings an innovative approach to coaching, training and facilitation. She uses expressive techniques and embodied practices to involve participants deeply and create opportunities for insight and change. Since 1980 she has successfully brought her skills to higher education and other learning communities, to service providers in helping agencies, to workplace teams, and to many community groups. In addition to degrees in clinical psychology and human development, she is skilled in Action Methods, including Psychodrama, Playback Theater and Theater of the Oppressed.