Equitable Funder Pledge

More than 200 BIPOC nonprofit leaders are calling on funders of all types and sizes to give more, to fund differently, and to partner with us to address the inequities our communities are facing. Read our letter.

By signing the pledge, you recognize the vital importance of BIPOC-led nonprofits in leading change toward a just and sustainable society.

Calling In Philanthropy

In signing this Funder Pledge to Invest in BIPOC Communities, I commit myself and my organization to work toward implementing and holding ourselves accountable to the following actions:

  1. Increase our annual payout rate to 10 percent or more.
  2. Designate all the additional funds from the increased payout rate to organizations led by Black, Indigenous and People of Color.
  3. Award the majority of our funds as five-year or more unrestricted grants, to ensure organizational stability.
  4. Financially support BIPOC-led systems-change work, such as changing unfair tax codes, ending voter suppression, and other efforts to strengthen democracy and advance racial equity.

By signing this Pledge, we commit to reforming funding practices to be actively anti-racist:

  • We commit to tracking our own progress on these goals, sharing updates with the BIPOC Executive Directors Coalition, and holding ourselves accountable to this pledge.
  • We will invite other funding partners to join us in signing this pledge and investigate, reform, and rebuild their funding practices to be equitable and focus on communities of color.
  • We recognize that the commitments outlined in this pledge won’t solve all of the challenges in the nonprofit sector and society, and that this is the baseline that we will build upon to take necessary steps toward equitable funding and racial justice.
  • By committing to this pledge and advocating for overall change in the sector, we are pushing for a seismic shift, one meant to support communities most affected by systemic injustice, with our funding and actions.

Funders Committed to Equitable Philanthropy

  • Black Future Co-op Fund
  • Bernier McCaw Foundation
  • Blaine & Preciosa Tamaki Foundation
  • Cedarmere Foundation
  • ESK Family Fund
  • Pacific Northwest Black Business Coalition
  • Satterberg Foundation
  • Seattle Foundation
  • Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation (SYL Foundation)
  • Stolte Family Foundation
  • Threshold Philanthropy
  • United Way of King County
  • United Way of Kitsap
  • United Ways of the Pacific Northwest
  • United Way of Skagit County
  • Washington Women’s Foundation