Healing & Wellness

Two friends stand in front of some tall corn plants. They are each holding an ear of corn and one person gives a peace sign.

What Would Our Lives Look Like If We Centered Rest?

Our individual and collective wellness is essential to the work of social change. Healing from the steady assaults of oppression allows us to connect, to see each other, to dream together, and to have the energy necessary for the task at hand. Within the BIPOC ED Coalition, we create purposeful spaces for collective healing through deep rest, self care, and connection.

“The times are urgent; let us slow down.”

Dr. Báyò Akómoláfé, speaker, poet, and activist

Disrupting Unhealthy Systems

Our current systems continue to operationalize dominant culture – rest is “earned” or “deserved” based on a trade off of work. Even though working too many hours actually impedes productivity. So many of our health outcomes are linked to an inability to unplug, be still, and reconnect to ourselves, nature, and the people we love. For BIPOC communities, in particular, multigenerational harm from centuries of purposeful racism compounds these stressors and  impacts to our health.

Prioritizing Well-being

Wellness is foundational to sustainable changemaking. To those of us who find ourselves carrying the work, at the intersections of so many identities and movements, championing causes, and holding space: Choosing rest is a bold act of love that disrupts and recreates all at once.

See events for wellness opportunities

“By virtue of us caring for ourselves, that puts us in an even better position to also care for our community.”

McKensie Mack, anti oppression consultant

New Respite and Rest Program

Rest is vital to mental and physical health, while also important to productivity. Our Respite and Rest program is designed for BIPOC executive directors to the time you need to rest, recharge, and reimagine. We currently are supporting 20 BIPOC executive directors to take a short respite and rest:

  • Up to 1 week of time away
  • $2,000 available for respite expenses

To support additional BIPOC executive directors, we are in the process of raising funds. We will issue a call when another opportunity arises. Thank you so much for all you do!

“We believe our work in this movement is to move the world closer to a self-love that is fundamental, a powerful force for social, political, and economic change.”

Sonya Renee Taylor, The Body Is Not an Apology

Coming Soon: A Time for Return Sabbaticals

Sabbaticals are a powerful form of healing, practice, and exploration. During a sabbatical, BIPOC executive directors can cultivate inner renewal, restore energy and spirit, and reconnect with their health, joy, and vision. The Barr Foundation and Durfee Foundation report that sabbaticals are relatively inexpensive but highly productive capacity-building tools that yield measurable results.

Our Time for Return Sabbatical program aims to initially support up to 15 executive directors to take 3-month sabbaticals and cover:

  • Salary compensation
  • Sabbatical expenses
  • Organizational / professional development