Love Letter to Black Women Leaders

A number of hands hold a string running between them

This Black History Month, we want to send a love letter out to the amazing Black women leaders we walk with, work with, and dream with. We celebrate your contributions to our communities and we treasure your humanity. 

Black women are so often undervalued and underestimated by racist patriarchy, with your work erased or claimed by others. On the other end of the spectrum, Black women can at times be isolated on a pedestal, mythologized as tireless superheroes without needs. Neither extreme meets you in your humanity. 

We see your generosity and your brilliance, we are lifted by your incredible leadership, and even more, we recognize your vibrant humanity, your authenticity, and your tender hearts. Our Coalition is committed to creating spaces where you can heal and renew, cultivate your vision and joy, and be nourished in compassionate community.  

Black women, we want you to be able to rest, deeply, deeply, deeply.   

Our Coalition is a Black women-led organization, and we are glowingly happy and grateful for the visionary leadership of Co-Executive Directors Victoria Santos and Andrea Caupain Sanderson, and Managing Director Massomeh Spahr. 

We also want to especially honor the Black women leaders who are recipients of our recent sabbatical grants and respite awards. 

Learn more about our sabbatical and respite recipients

Cherished sisters, to all of you, and to so many other Black women leaders serving BIPOC communities around Washington state, we recognize your presence, your life force, your gifts, and your contributions to a world of justice and collective liberation. We stand with you.

At the Coalition, we renew every day our collective commitment to a Washington state in which Black people and other BIPOC people, from infants to elders, of all backgrounds and circumstances, can truly thrive. May it be so.  

In community,

The BIPOC ED Coalition Team